A Plague Tale Innocence Download

A Plague Tale Innocence download

A Plague Tale Innocence is an action adventure game set in a reality of 14th century France in the period of so-called Black Death, that is bubonic plague. In the world of inquisition and rats spreading the perilous disease, there are two kids: Amicia and her five-year old brother Hugo, who want to survive at any cost and find their lost mother. If you like games set in real historical events, get A Plague Tale Innocence Download and become the defenseless kids.

A Plague Tale Innocence: an unusual stealth action game

As for the weaponry, A Plague Tale Innocence is really unusual. Here we have two kids who are practically defenseless in the face of threat. The girls has only a slingshot which she uses to distract people from her and her brother, and it moves elements of surroundings. So the kids have to stealth constantly, keeping all the time within light. They can’t hide in nooks, because the deadly rats lurks there. If you like unusual stealth games, get A Plague Tale Innocence free Download and have a go in a game in which you have no weaponry. In the course of the game you complete various tasks. Some of them are easier due to Hugo’s small height, allowing him to get into nooks and crannies.

A Plague Tale Innocence: realistic graphics that is blood-chilling

Even though the heroes are children, the game doesn’t avoid brutal scenes. The most prominent are the attacks of rats who devour people’s corpses. It’s a terrifying and macabre sight, and the couple of characters have to fight for survival in this scenery. Realism is seen first of all in the movement of the rats and there fights for food. Additionally, the game has three-dimensional visuals. So if you look for a game set in this difficult period in Europe’s history, the 14th century, make sure to get A Plague Tale Innocence Download and learn even more about the reality of these hard times.

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