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Anno 1800 free download

Anno 1800: build a metropolis in the times of industrial revolution, that’s in the 19th century. We become a ruler who at first has very few people and a small settlement. Our aim is to make the biggest and most prosperous metropolis during the great industrial revolution. If you prefer economic games with historical background, you must get Anno 1800 Download and take up the challenge of building a metropolis in the reality of a few ages ago.

Make a prosperous city out of a settlement

With a couple of people and some treasure the ruler must persuade the inhabitants to build new buildings. Slowly and among toil rise new industrial plants where the inhabitants find employment. We can watch the work in iron works, which is a treat. If you want to know what the production looked like at the beginning of 19th century, get Anno 1800 free Download and revise your historical knowledge.

Solve inhabitants’ problems and manage the treasury

Apart from jobs, the inhabitants must be provided with food supplies. That’s also the ruler’s responsibility. The demand for some goods should be met. If the careless actions result in the empty treasure, the ruler can order an additional tax and patch the hole in the budget. Of course, such a way is not very fortunate because it makes people unhappy. Politics is one of the spheres we can deal with in Anno 1800. The ruler can take up diplomatic talks with neighbors and trade with them, or declare war. Main profit in the city comes from trading the surplus of goods, so we have to make sure that the production process goes smoothly. If you want to expand the settlement into a metropolis and govern it in an economic simulation, get the Anno 1800 Download. It’s a game for those who like to manage or want to learn it. It is worth to stay longer with this valuable title.

Anno 1800 Download for Free

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