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Call of Cthulhu free download

Call of Cthulhu is an adventure game in which we become a detective Edward Pierce, who wants to explain the mysterious death of an American artist Sarah Hawkins and her family. He gets to Dark Water Island in Boston and carries on with his investigation. If you’re a fan of Cthulhu Mythology by Lovercraft, as well the films and games with horror elements, get Call of Cthulhu Download. The world presented in the game will appeal to you as much as the book.

Discoveries leading to troubling conclusions

In the game we control a detective who, after finding mutilated whales connects the case with the murder of the artist and her family. There are also mysterious disappearances that make suspect, who is behind all these cases. He infers that it’s a supernatural power: Cthulhu, the Great Old One, an ancient mighty being who waits to awake and take control over the world after the stars align in a particular constellation. If a horror storyline with fantasy attracts you, get the Call of Cthulhu free Download and you’ll be drawn into the dark ambience of the game.

Explore the city, underground and temples in search for answers

The detective, looking for answers to his suppositions, traverses cities, undergrounds and cult temples. He meets en-route many independent characters who may either help him reach the truth, or be his enemies. We must remember not to stay in the vaults too long, because murky surroundings and search for truth can drive the detective mad. The horror is enhanced by the first-person perspective, making it possible to get deep into the world. If solving detective riddles is close to you, get the Call of Cthulhu Download. You’ll be delighted not only the multitude of the puzzles to solve, but also the magnificent dark graphics and suitable soundtrack.

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