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Everyone, who is a fan of card games, should draw his attention to this title. Right now get Card Crawl Download and check out whether you manage to kill the minotaur with the use of hand-made deck of cards. While playing, cards are issued by the monster. Among them there can be helpful items as well as enemies that can attack us. Card Crawl is a game that requires concentration and attention.

The whole action of described production is happening in unknown land that has got more in common with fantasy world than with real one. The history and geography of the land doesn’t matter to be honest, because while playing we will spend most of the time in the dungeon, sitting at wooden table. Next to the player, there is a gigantic, terrifying minotaur that acts as a dealer. He shuffles decks and issues cards.

The rules presented in the game are extremely easy to learn. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the game is really interesting and worth your time. First of all, it is constructed in the way it can be played only by one player. Therefore, other games are played with an AI presented by the minotaur.

Card Crawl Download for Free

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