Quake Champions free download

Quake Champions Download

Quake Champions is another, the fifth installment of a popular first-person shooter, with its specifics relating to the popular Quake III Arena. The game’s mechanics In Quake Champions we become a selected personalized character by means of whom we’ll be carrying combats with our opponents. Interestingly, none of these characters has weaponry assigned to him. On the contrary: he is... Read more

Halo 6 Download

Halo Infinite Download

Halo Infinite is another game in which we become a hero whose task is to save mankind. This time the savior is a mysterious Master Chief. Studio 343 Industries is responsible for the production. The game’s storyline The storyline of Halo 6 is rather mysterious. Trailers made available by the creators are at the moment very economical. Nevertheless we can... Read more

Dying Light 2 free download

Dying Light 2 Download

Dying Light 2 is a typical, postapocalyptic adventure game whose storyline happens about 15 years after the events of the first part. We become a member of the local community living in a city ridden by a mysterious virus. The game’s storyline Storyline in Dying Light 2 is very complex and it has the character of a typical sandbox. It... Read more

Wolfenstein Youngblood download

Wolfenstein Youngblood Download

Wolfenstein Youngblood is another installment of a popular series of shooters, in which we move back to 80s of the 20th century, and take the roles of Jessica and Sophie, daughters of the famous B.J. Blaskowittza, the hero of the previous parts of Wolfenstein series. The game’s storyline Wolfenstein Youngblood is, at least in terms of narrative, a pretty simple... Read more

Skull & Bones free download

Skull & Bones Download

Skull & Bones is a game in which we become a pirate during the so-called Pirates’ Golden Age. Our task will be to gradually develop first a single ship, and then the whole pirate fleet. The Shanghai branch of Ubisoft is responsible for the production of the game. Game’s mechanics The pirate operations in Skull & Bones are carried out... Read more

Generation Zero download

Generation Zero Download

Generation Zero is an action game for PC in which we get back to 1989 and alternative reality of Sweden. The country had been invaded and overridden by armed machines who want to control the territory. So the people start a guerilla war whose objective is survival. In the game we become four heroes who are brave enough to stand... Read more

Gears 5 download

Gears 5 Download

Gears 5 is an action game with science fiction ambience, in which we become Kait Diaz who embarks on a journey to planet Sera in order to find the cause of nightmares that haunt her, and learn more about origin of Locusts. She’s accompanied by Delmont Walker. There are lots of adventures in store for them, as well as encounters... Read more