Twin Mirror download

Twin Mirror Download

Twin Mirror is an original and interesting adventure game created by a French studio DONTNOD. The gameplay is based on rather interesting and surprising mechanisms and, what’s equally important, it has a pretty extraordinary course. The game’s storyline In the game we become a 33-year old man called Samuel. We know about him that he recently experienced a serious love... Read more

Call of Cthulhu free download

Call of Cthulhu Download

Call of Cthulhu is an adventure game in which we become a detective Edward Pierce, who wants to explain the mysterious death of an American artist Sarah Hawkins and her family. He gets to Dark Water Island in Boston and carries on with his investigation. If you’re a fan of Cthulhu Mythology by Lovercraft, as well the films and games... Read more

Kursk free download

Kursk Download

Kursk is a game for PC based on a disaster of Russian submarine Kursk that sank in August 2000, in circumstances that were not explained initially. The game creators focused on this aspect and decided to make a game with a theme of spy thriller, which keeps us in suspense from beginning to the end. First person action and swift... Read more