Samsara free download

Samsara Download

Samsara is an indie game. The game is set in two-dimensional world. The main hero is a girl named Zee. The action takes place in two different environments. One of them is bright and friendly, while the other is dark and depressing. In this full of evil and depressing world, our hero is followed by a mysterious shadow. To complete... Read more

Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition free download

Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition Download

Chessmaster: Grandmaster Edition is yet another part from the game series developed by Ubisoft. This classic chess game will meet expectations of both experts and beginners. Developer made sure that a number of useful tips and tutorials are available. Thanks to this you can thoroughly learn the secrets of chess. Interestingly Josh Waitzkin chess master is our mentor! You can... Read more

The Talos Principle free download

The Talos Principle Download

The Talos Principle is a puzzle game created by Croteam. Our task is to solve over 120 puzzles. The game became so popular thanks to very diverse puzzles. Some of them are difficult and others not so much. It is worth to mention that the high-quality graphic makes gameplay more fun. Try to avoid dangerous obstacles and traps. Each new... Read more

Fable Fortune free download

Fable Fortune Download

Fable Fortue is a card game. It was developed by Flaming Fowl Studios. The action is placed in the Fable series universe. A duel with an opponent happens by the use of cards that have different effects. Some of them activate hidden abilities others summon useful units. The rest of them can bring some helpful items. The game is not... Read more

Neighbours From Hell 2 free download

Neighbours From Hell 2 Download

Neighbours From Hell 2 is a fun strategy game developed by JoWooD Entertainment AG. Game action is focused on a relationship with our neighbours, which are usually not good. The main character the player will be playing is called Woody. Stubborn Woody sets off after his neighbour – who went on a vacation. The game is placed in exotic lands.... Read more

Papers, Please free download

Papers, Please Download

Papers, Please is a unique puzzle game created by Lucas Pope. The game is located in the communist republic. The player will play the game as the customs service officer who has to analyse received documents. It depends on you, whether you will give permission to enter the country. It will very often happen that the decision will have to... Read more

The Witness free download

The Witness Download

The Witness is an astonishing logic adventure game. The action takes place on a deserted and mysterious island. For the unknown reason, all the inhabitants disappeared. The player’s task is to unravel this puzzle. The player will have to discover every recess in order to find useful clues. During the gameplay you will have to solve a number of puzzles.... Read more

Bridge Constructor free download

Bridge Constructor Download

Bridge Constructor is a logic game developed by Clokstone Software. The player will become the person responsible for building the bridge. Your main task is to help the Camatuga town inhabitants. As a result of a strong earthquake, all the bridges connecting the city have been destroyed and need to be replaced. During the gameplay, not only the laws of... Read more

We Were Here free download

We Were Here Download

We Were Here is a popular puzzle game. It is different from typical logic games. The player can play as two heroes. The main characters are imprisoned in a dangerous castle. Our heroes have to work together. It is necessary to solve puzzles. The main heroes start in different places. It is the player’ task to guide the characters to... Read more

Human Fall Flat free download

Human Fall Flat Download

Human: Fall Flat is not a regular action game. It was developed by No Brakes Games. In addition to typical game modes, the game introduces modern logic elements. It makes the game fun and demanding. The player will control the character named Bob. Bob is an inconspicuous and amorphous man. To solve puzzles and overcome obstacles the player must focus... Read more