Path of Exile free download

Path of Exile Download

Path of Exile is an RPG action game created by Grinding Gear Games from New Zealand. It is a production designed for multiplayer only. The goal of the game is to survive in the ravaged continent of Wreaclast. If you wish to face the danger, use Path of Exile Download and take the role of one of the exiles. The... Read more

Gothic free download

Gothic Download

Gothic is a game placed in fantasy world. This remarkable action RPG was developed by Piranha Bytes. During the gameplay the player becomes person without a name. This person is accompanied with other people. As it turns out they all are convicted. It soon becomes clear that the hero becomes the chosen one. His task is to free the land... Read more

Dragon Age Origins free download

Dragon Age Origins Download

Dragon Age Origins is a fantasy RPG developed by BioWare studio. The player will have to create his own hero and gather a team. Together with the team the player will set out on a journey to the kingdom of Ferelden. The magical land is full of unique locations, creatures or objects. If you are curious and you want to... Read more

Kingdom Come Deliverance free download

Kingdom Come Deliverance Download

Kingdom Come Deliverance is an action RPG game set in medieval times. Action take place in Central Europe. The player will have the honour to play as Henry who is the blacksmith’s son. As a result of clash with enemy the main hero gets involved in political intrigues. Ultimately he faces the task of saving the king and restoring order... Read more

Fallout 4 free download

Fallout 4 Download

Fallout 4 is a new post-apocalyptic RPG game. The action takes place just before the Boston’s nuclear explosion. The player creates character by assigning skills and changing the appearance. After the nuke, the main character goes to the fallout shelter. Two hundred years later the actions start. The protagonist must go to the surface and face the hostile environment. The... Read more

Darksiders II free download

Darksiders II Download

Darksiders II is a second instalment that tells us about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It was created by Vigil Games studio. It’s hard not to see similarities with previous parts, mainly because of consecutive references to the Apocalypse of Saint John. It is an action game, which can be surely supplemented with RPG elements. The player become one... Read more