Pizza Connection 3 free download

Pizza Connection 3 Download

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a restaurant owner? Well, now you have a chance to find out if you are good at taking care of such complicated business. You just need to download Pizza Connection 3 and start working on your own success, which is not easy as it turns out. You will not only be responsible for creating... Read more

Ancestors Legacy free download

Ancestors Legacy Download

Ancestors Legacy is a real-time strategy game developed by the independent Polish Destructive Creations studio. The team from Gliwice earned the reputation of scandalers due to the controversial action game Hatred, and IS Defense in which the player defended Europe against the invasion of the Islamic State. However, this did not prevent developers from establishing cooperation with 1C, which undertook... Read more

Farm Manager 2018 free download

Farm Manager 2018 Download

Farm Manager 2018 is an economic strategy on the subject of agriculture developed for the PC. While playing, the player deals in growing plants and raising animals, and earns money invested in the construction of new buildings and the purchase of better and better equipment. Convince yourself and install Farm Manager 2018 download. Farm Manager 2018 is an economic strategy... Read more

Sid Meier's Civilization V free download

Sid Meier’s Civilization V Free Download

Sid Meier’s Civilization V is the fifth part of a popular turn-based cycle game. Developers from Firaxis Games have remained faithful to the basic assumptions of the series. Players are tasked with guiding the development of a chosen civilization through successive ages of history. New interface and gameplay mechanics A lot of changes have occurred in the interface itself, which... Read more

Might & Magic Heroes VI free download

Might & Magic Heroes VI Download

Might & Magic: Heroes VI is a sixth part of the hit series of turn-based strategies set in fantasy world. The player learns the history 400 years before the events presented in the previous instalment. The storyline focuses on the Angels’ plot to start a war once again. In order to prevail it, the representatives of the Griffin dynasty, who... Read more

They Are Billions free download

They Are Billions Download

They Are Billions is a real time strategy that draws our attention with its steampunk stylistic. The goal of the player is to defend the human colony from gigantic army of living dead. Thanks to powerful game engine, it is possible to generate more than 20 thousands of them at the same time. If you are the fan of such... Read more

Life is Feudal Forest Village free download

Life is Feudal Forest Village Download

Life is Feudal: Forest Village is a city-builder type of strategy. The action of the game is set in the realities of early medieval times. The goal of the player is managing one of the recently founded settlements. In order to learn the secrets of this fascinating period, use Life is Feudal Forest Village Download and fulfil all the responsibilities... Read more

Stronghold Crusader free download

Stronghold Crusader HD Download

Stronghold: Crusader is yet another edition of hit economical strategy maintained in medieval realities. This time the player moves to the Middle East in the times of the Crusades. If you are interested with this specific historical period, get Stronghold Crusader Download and admire perfectly replicated realities. In terms of gameplay mechanics, the title doesn’t differ very much from the... Read more

Rise of Industry free download

Rise of Industry Download

Rise of Industry is a very expanded economic strategy. The player becomes the novice businessman, who is the head of a company specialized in industry, logistics, mining, and agriculture. It is up to player which area of expertise we will choose. If you dream about having your own business, use Rise of Industry Download links and test your skills in... Read more

Total War Rome II free download

Total War Rome II Download

Total War: Rome II is effective strategy game designed by Creative Assembly studio. Here, the player takes the role of a commander of civilization from the period of ancient Rome. The goal of the game is to gain new territories and fight constantly over power. If you are interested with this historical period, use Total War Rome II Download links... Read more