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Control is an action game set in the ambience of science fiction. The female protagonist is Jesse Faden who goes to the Federal Bureau of Control in New York in order to fix some matters. During her visit an invasion of the aliens happen, they want to take control. The Agency’s director dies in the attack, and Jesse Faden takes on his duties. Therefore she has to defeat the aggressors and bring back order. If you like games set in science fiction ambience, get the P7 / Control Download and conquer powers coming from another world.

P7 / Control: shoot the enemies with futuristic weaponry

Jesse has a pistol due to which she’s not completely helpless, and can even reduce the enemy’s forces. It has telekinetic properties making it possible to throw back enemies from distance, and also move objects that become additional weapons. If you’re interested in games with the use of futuristic weaponry, get the P7 / Control free Download and check how it works. Jesse also uses additional equipment gained in the course of the game, and makes use of the changing environment.

Control / P7: traverse the map changing in the course of gameplay

The building is subject to influence of supernatural forces, so its appearance is changing all the time. Due to this the game’s map is not the same for long, and sometimes it’s necessary to come back to the same place in order to complete the task, especially in the course of gameplay we gained abilities allowing us to go through a stage of the game that was earlier unavailable. If you prefer unusual games requiring good terrain orientation because of constantly changing architecture, get the Control / P7 Download. It will surely keep away boredom, and finding the right solution takes some time. The game also provides surreal impression as a result of the changing reality. It’s definitely worthwhile to check this title offering an intriguing and unpredictable gameplay.

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