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RAGE 2 free download

RAGE 2 is a shooter set in postapocalyptic reality. After the asteroid’s impact the survivors are unfortunately suppressed by general Cross’ authority. Walker, one of the few Rangers from Vineland, opposes his control over the world and strives to prevent it. If you like postapocalyptic, fantastic ambience of the game, you must get the RAGE 2 Download and become the defender of the order of the world.

RAGE 2: traverse the open map and defeat numerous enemies

In RAGE 2 you move across different locations: desert, marshes, jungles, settlements and towns. You can use vehicles or walk. Therefore you are able to admire various landscapes, but in all locations you can meet enemies that should be defeated in some way. Walker has a large arsenal of weaponry with which he can eliminate enemies. If you like shooters with opportunities to take part in clashes in diverse locations, you must RAGE 2 free Download and have a go in combat, both in urbanized area and one theoretically far from civilization.

RAGE 2: use supernatural abilities in combat

Ranger Walker is equipped with implants allowing unconventional fight against the opponents. So he can execute attacks by hitting the ground, and also an energy blast that will throw everyone far away. It’s both an impressive and effective manner of fight, then. He can also transfer the implants to the particular weapons, and thus he increases its fire power. If you like games with unconventional weaponry, get the RAGE 2 Download and find out how the implants work. Thanks to the special abilities you can defeat larger numbers of enemies at the same time, and eventually also beat your main adversary.

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