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Skull & Bones is a game in which we become a pirate during the so-called Pirates’ Golden Age. Our task will be to gradually develop first a single ship, and then the whole pirate fleet. The Shanghai branch of Ubisoft is responsible for the production of the game.

Game’s mechanics

The pirate operations in Skull & Bones are carried out on the Indian Ocean. At first we act as a small group of corsairs who can hardly man a single ship. Only after some time we develop our pirate ”business” and for the illegally obtained resources we build our reputation and fleet. So if you love unusual economic and strategic games, get the Skull & Bones Download onto your computer and start a real pirate adventure.

Carrying combat and getting richer are not the only factors on which the gameplay in Skull & Bones is focused. The ship making up our fleet are divided into classes. It means that each one has a different fire power, agility and armor. In other words, we’ll have to select the proper tactic during sea combat. Each of our ships will also have to be properly expanded. Nevertheless, during battles it will be significant how we use the local conditions such as sea currents and winds. So if you like games in which tactic is as important as strategy, get the Skull & Bones free Download and select ships to your own liking.

Game’s modes

Skull & Bones is a game set in an open world, and in effect it’s available only in multiplayer mode. Therefore a pretty stable internet connection is necessary for its correct work.

Despite its concentration in the net environment, there are some most interesting modes to mention in the game. One of them is Loot Hunt, in which five-ship teams have to combat each other in order to take away riches from the opponent. During the combat, at any time, there may appear very strong ships of pirate hunters, and it’s best to run away from them. So if you like games based on non-linear and often unpredictable gameplay, get the Skull & Bones Download onto your computer and find out how difficult a pirate’s life can be.

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