Dying Light 2 free download

Dying Light 2 Download

Dying Light 2 is a typical, postapocalyptic adventure game whose storyline happens about 15 years after the events of the first part. We become a member of the local community living in a city ridden by a mysterious virus. The game’s storyline Storyline in Dying Light 2 is very complex and it has the character of a typical sandbox. It... Read more

Dying Light The Following free download

Dying Light The Following Download

When Dying Light was released in 2015 it became a very popular game. Developers decided to produce a huge addition which will significantly expand the story of the main game. The game was created by Techland which helped to create amazing Call of Juarez. To play in The Following addition, you have to have basic version of the game installed.... Read more

Dying Light free download

Dying Light Download

Dying Light is an action game set in a survival horror theme designed by Polish studio Techland. The player takes the role of Kyle Crane. The character lands in the city, where all the citizens are infected with mysterious virus, changing everyone into zombies. In order to defend ourselves, one can use blunt weapons as well as machetes, halberds, hammers,... Read more