Far Cry 5 free download

Far Cry 5 Download

The fifth full-fledged part of the popular FPS series. This time the players go to the American state of Montana, where they resist the rule of ruthless religious fanatics. The game is based on the fight against opponents, exploration and performing plot tasks and side missions. As we progress, we develop our skills more and more. The whole is pleasing... Read more

Far Cry Primal free download

Far Cry Primal Download

Everyone knows Far Cry game. It is a classic. That is why it is worth to take a look at other games from this developer. Far Cry Primal is a spin-off of a well-known series. The game action takes place in prehistory times. As in prehistory times the world is much different what makes challenges completely different. Are you interested?... Read more

Far Cry 4 free download

Far Cry 4 Download

Far Cry 4 is the game from a known FPS series. It is an excellent game to have fun and just right for boredom. Play the game thanks to Far Cry 4 Download and face the danger that lurks at every corner! The action takes place in tropics. Specifically in the Himalayas region with the fictional name Kyrat. Ajah Ghale... Read more

Far Cry 3 free download

Far Cry 3 Download

The Far Cry 3 game is the third game from the known series. The main character is a man called Jason Brody who gets on a tropical island to have some fun. It turns out that on the island is a battlefield. To save his life Jason will have to fight! If you would like to help this man, use... Read more