The Sinking City Download

The Sinking City download

The Sinking City is a game for PC, a detective adventure that relies on solving riddles. It’s based on the horror stories of Lovecraft. If you’re a fan of this author, and you like detective games, get The Sinking City Download. The storyline is set in Oakmont town in Massachusetts in the 20s of the 20th century.

A hero who hasn’t given in to collective madness

In The Sinking City we become a detective who arrives in the town in order to find out the cause of flood that, as the residents believe, goes beyond this world. So the main character scrutinizes the unnatural phenomenon who visits particular localities, wanting to find a clue and explain what happened in The Sinking City. If you like comics, films and games about Sherlock Holmes, don’t wait but get The Sinking City free Download. The ambience of the game and the riddles to solve will surely appeal to you.

Open world allowing you to influence the story development

The Sinking City presents an open world that the character can traverse in any direction. Obviously, it has an impact on the storyline development. Non-linear structure makes the game even more intriguing and keeps us longer with the title. Each move and decision of the character, then, causes a different scenario of play. If you like detective games in which you have influence on the storyline development, get The Sinking City Download and enter the world of enthralling gameplay.

Another noteworthy feature of The Sinking City that is that the graphic is extremely clear, and from beginning to the end it keeps a murky ambience, straight from the best thrillers. So if you’re a fan of such production, you cannot miss the detective adventure The Sinking City. It’s a game that helps develop abilities to synthesize and analyze information, and to think logically.

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