Twin Mirror Download

Twin Mirror download

Twin Mirror is an original and interesting adventure game created by a French studio DONTNOD. The gameplay is based on rather interesting and surprising mechanisms and, what’s equally important, it has a pretty extraordinary course.

The game’s storyline

In the game we become a 33-year old man called Samuel. We know about him that he recently experienced a serious love disappointment. At some point the hero decides to return to his hometown situated in West Virginia. Samuel wants to do it because of his friend’s funeral… One day he wakes up and finds a bloodied shirt. To make matters worse, he doesn’t know what had really happened. If you want to learn the continuation of this unusual story, get the Twin Mirror Download and let yourself drawn into the original storyline.

The game’s mechanics

As Twin Mirror is a typical narrative game, there will be plenty of what’s generally called exploration of a quite extensive world of the game. Our task will also be engaging in conversations with various persons and owing to them we will, slowly but relentlessly, find out the real story of the main character and the town itself.

Interestingly, the gameplay will not be only played in the ”physical world” in which the character is. The player will also have to travel in Samuel’s mind, which, as the name suggests, may be a very difficult enterprise.

So, if you like games with non-linear and surprising storyline, that are additionally intriguing and have specific ambience, get the Twin Mirror free Download and check out the world of Samuel.

Graphic and sonic interface

Apart from the storyline, also the graphic and sonic settings are praiseworthy. The mysterious ambience is enhanced by a specific, very quiet music. And the graphics very well reflects the characters’ movements; it’s by the virtue of well-designed physics of the game. If you too want to get enticed in this original title, get the Twin Mirror Download and check if you manage to discover the mystery of the game’s world around.

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