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Neighbours From Hell free download

Neighbours From Hell, as the title suggests, are the real neighbours from hell. Trust me you do not want to have such neighbour. Be sure to take a closer look at Neighbours From Hell download installer that will let you develop methods to make your neighbours mad.

The main hero is a resident of a classic block of flats. He takes part in a reality show about neighbours from hell. Your task is to set traps on your neighbours and get the highest viewership. There are 14 different scenarios. Each one of them has a different task. In the end, you have to upset your neighbours. It will not be as easy as it sounds. Your neighbours are not so gullible. They are vigilant, some of them have dogs. It makes the game more challenging. Will you catch the neighbour in the act or will he catch you? Get Neighbours From Hell Download to find out!

Neighbours From Hell Download for Free
Neighbours From Hell Compilation

Languages: 中文, český (Neighbours From Hell 2 only), Deutsch, English, español, français, magyar, italiano, polski, русский
Release: GOG
Upload size: 664,2 MB


Recommended Requirements

  • Procesor Pentium II 266 MHz,
  • 128MB RAM,
  • 16MB graphics 3D

  1. Extract files.
  2. Install the game.
  3. Don’t need crack – this is GOG version.
  4. Play the game. If you like this game, BUY IT!

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