Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Download

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice free download

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is an action game for PC, in which we become an immortal warrior who lost one arm. But in a magical way he gained a prothesis allowing him to execute swift surprising attacks. The storyline is set in alternative reality of 15th century Japan, but we can see some historical elements in it. If you like Japanese samurai games, make sure to get Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Download and find out why the main hero has to die twice.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: save the descendant of noble blood

The main hero Sekiro has been equipped with supernatural powers, and at the same time he cannot die until he saves his lord. The lord was kidnapped, so Sekiro sets out to the rescue. En-route he has to defeat great many enemies. In the course of the gameplay he sneaks many times, hiding from the guards’ eyes, but in need he doesn’t evade confrontation. As he’s without right hand, he uses an artificial one both for blocking and executing blows. The artefact hides numerous knives in a retractable shield. Sekiro can use it to surprise the opponent a lot. What’s more, in the prothesis there’s also a sliding chain with a hook that makes it easier to explore the presented world. If you like games with heroes using unusual kinds of weaponry, make sure to get Sekiro Shadows Die Twice free Download. In the course of development the character doesn’t gain points of experience, but unblocks new skills that make him even better and harder to beat by opponents. Thanks to this he has no trouble defeating the powerful bosses.

Historical elements in the action game set in 15th century Japan

If you want to play a game with a faithful reproduction of Japanese clothing in the 15th century, you must get Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Download. Beside the fantasy world, the game also contains genuine elements showing the reality of renaissance Japan.

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