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Session is a quite original simulator in which we learn… how to ride on skateboard. The gameplay isn’t based on ”ticking” consecutive levels, but on searching places where we can make even more complex stunts.

The game’s mechanics

The first aspect differing Session from similar simulators is showing action from the third-person view. The ploy, necessary for technical reasons, turned out to be… successful. It must be admitted that the acrobatics showed from this perspective look very natural and spectacular.

But it’s not all. There are many factors significant in the game (as it should be in a simulator), some people even have no idea about them. For instance, during the ride on a demanding surface, proper body maneuvering will be very important; it will help the balance of the character. Equally important, the state of the skateboard will have influence on the final ride, as well as… waxing it. So if you want to (re)discover the beauty of skateboarding, get the Session Download onto you computer.

The game’s interface

Session is not just a simulation of skateboard riding. The game creators also implemented a special editor making it possible to record spectacular stunts with use of a skateboard. So if you want to boast to your friends how well (in virtual world) you move on a skateboard, get the Session free Download. With the use of camera option you’ll be able to record your acrobatics and show them later to your acquaintances.

The visuals of the world presented in Session also looks interesting. It’s characterized by great precision and complexity. Moreover, the times of day and are visible, so it will make for even more impressive riding.

The sonic setting

If you like to ride a skateboard with good licensed music, get the Session Download. A great advantage of the game is the very interesting musical setting, based on well-known and liked (and legal, too) tracks.

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