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Metro Exodus is a game with action set in postapocalyptic reality. 4A Games is responsible for the realization, so we can be sure the game is at the highest level and will meet the expectations of the most demanding players. Not only the storyline, but also the graphics are notable. All the details are perfectly refined.

Fight for survival and save mankind

The world has been destroyed by atomic bombs. Nuclear war brought destruction upon the whole world, lots of people died. The world is irradiated, so the survivors have to flee underground. But even there they’re not safe.

Threat is everywhere. Mutated beasts lie in wait, and they’ll do all they can to complete apocalypse and overwhelm the world. So we have to fight for survival. We can’t give up, but have to stand up to the danger. Only you can save the remnants of mankind. If you like adrenaline and fight, and you can also think tactically, don’t wait but get Metro Exodus Download. This game is right for you.

Metro Exodus: power is inside you

In the game you become Artyom, a man who is indomitable and very strong. You have to save at all cost the lives of people who trusted you, but the task is not at all easy. Hazards lurk everywhere. Your decisions impact other people’s lives, each wrong one brings about tragic results. Will you try and take the risk? If so, get Metro Exodus free Download and fight.

Metro Exodus: a hard struggle and changing seasons

The whole campaign starts in Moscow. The hero’s task is to lead the survivors out of the subway and find a safe shelter, but it’s difficult. Especially because the mutated lurk for lives. The seasons change, and the Russian winters are particularly hard. So what decisions must be taken in order to save the people who trusted you?

Metro Exodus is a typical tactical shooter, so lovers of action games and logical thinking will be delighted and they just need to play it. So get Metro Exodus Download and save mankind.

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