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Overcooked free download

Get Overcooked Download if you look for a game that will let you show off your cunning, quickness, and perception! While playing, our goal is to control the cook, who has to prepare various meals on time. An additional obstacle while doing that is the fact that kitchens are placed in various locations, and maps are filled with dangers, traps, and other moveable objects that can harm us.

What’s more, the game is available in solo mode and with friends – in multiplayer game mode. It allows us to compete as well as cooperate with other players. At the same time up to four players can be part of one game. Controls in Overcooked are very simple, so there’s no need for a lot of tutorials or trials. One of the buttons is used to interact with items the second one to chop things. In the game we can also swap between cooks.

While playing, we have got 30 different levels to finish. Each of them is enriched with additional elements. Each kitchen varies from others in terms of element arrangement.

Overcooked Download for Free

Languages: ENG
Updated 25/11/2017
Upload size: 346,5 MB

Minimum Requirements

  • Dual Core 2.4 GHz,
  • 2 GB RAM,
  • Graphics card 512 MB GeForce 8800 GT/Radeon HD 6850 or better,
  • 750 MB HDD,
  • Windows 7

  1. Unrar.
  2. Play the game.

Updated 25/11/2017

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